Sparkle*Kitty Nights

Created by Breaking Games

Sparkle*Kitty Nights is a perfectly clean game for the dirtiest minds. A social card game for 4-8 players. Play as a knight (naughty or nice) trapped in a tower, casting whatever spells you find in the tower to open the magical keyhole and free you and your team.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Upcoming Streams, Stretch Goals and Your Suggestive Suggestions!
9 months ago – Tue, May 08, 2018 at 01:50:05 PM

Hi from Sparkle*Kitty Nights!

We're doing great, and have hit some milestones over the weekend. Thanks to all of your for spreading the word. 

In this update: Upcoming Streams, Updated goals, Dragonfinger with YOUR words, Sparkle mentions and Kickstarters we're backing.


Plenty of awesome chances coming up to check out the games in action online. Catch us on these channels - check the wall for specific times to tune in! 


MEGA WEEKEND progress - we've added enough backers and reached enough funding to unlock both the TEAM TOKENS - adding team play to your original Sparkle*Kitty game and the BLANK PACK: (add your own words, dark magic and characters). Awesome work!


What's next you ask? Well, it's time to talk about a way we can all have an even better time with our safe words pack. It's a new wild card for your pleasure. We're keeping it under covers for now, but we'll just say this - it only works when you double it, giving you lots of fun play opportunities.


Oooooh, shiny! We've found something magical to do to all the mirror mirror cards in the game AND the accents on the knights cards. If we reach $35,000 in funding, we'll add foil stamping on these cards - included in every base set of Sparkle*Kitty Nights!



Thanks to all of your fun word suggestions, we have just uploaded a bunch of new fun into Dragon Finger - both your best words and some adventure words to see the mix-and-match! Try it out, or vote in our Facebook group poll. Remember, the top 4 words make it into the game at the end.



Geek and Sundry made a great HOW-TO-PLAY for Sparkle*Kitty, featured on Tabletop Day.  Host Becca Scott has a funny admission at the end - we think she should start playing Sparkle*Kitty Nights.


Just Got Played checked out Sparkle*Kitty Nights in their local pub, the Cloak and Blaster. Here's what they had to say:



We love Kickstarter and we have some great campaigns to mention that are ending soon. If you're a fan of social deduction games, you have to check out GROWL from our friend, Joey Vigour. We helped test the game and it's only getting better and better as new stretch goals have unlocked. 


Finally, what goes better with games than good grub. We stumbled upon this one - Brothers Artisanal Jerky (which is a word that could absolutely be in this game). Looks delicious, and hand crafted, if you're into that kind of thing!

Peter and the Sparkle*Kitty Nights Team

A new Knight revealed, new tower goals!
9 months ago – Fri, May 04, 2018 at 07:39:29 PM

We have more fun, more stuff! Also - May the 4th be with you!

In This Update; New Knights, New Tower, (New?) Fruit in Weird Places

Your strategy has paid off - Game Knight has put +1 on Team Naughty. Every box of Sparkle*Kitty Nights now includes this killer card! Kudos to Manda! who brought this badass knight to life. 

Our Tower is HUGE!

Introducing more exciting Knight Club quests, and brand spanking new towers - the Dungeon (where we keep backers if you're into that kind of thing) and the Dragon's Hoard (where all the money goes). You'll love where this is headed...

TOWER - Knight Club Remodeled
We're unlocking knights now with just one quest per knight, and that's a photo quest. To complete, take the themed photo for that tower, and post to any of your channels with the tag, #sparklekittynights 



Art by Elentori.

Fruit in Weird Places. PHOTO QUEST!

School Knight is trapped, but not for long. Help her complete her assignment - we need 15 pictures of fruit in weird places, or suggestive lunch meats. Anything creative with food works. Let's have some fun!


We know you're chained to this Kickstarter and want more friends to play with, so we've made some goals based on backer count. The first, is a lot of fun - We're bringing TEAMS into any original Sparkle*Kitty game, with adorable tokens. Are you on team sweet, sour or sparkle*kitty?? 


The Dragon demands we build her hoard, and we're happy to oblige! The Shooting Blanks expansion allows you to add ANYTHING your dirty mind can think of (or clean for Sparkly play) with 36 blank colored spell cards, characters and specials so you can customize your games.  



We've had such a fun start to this campaign, and an amazing first week. Enjoy your weekend of games or whatever you're up to. If you haven't posted on the wall or FB group, be sure to say hello!

Next week, we'll find out who is on team nice and who is on team naughty!

Peter and the Sparkle*Kitty Nights Team


POST YOUR PICS on any social media and tag us! #SparkleKittyNights @Breaking_Games

See all the latest pics: Sparkle*Kitty Nights on Facebook

Manny kicks it off with this arrangement from his kitchen. 

Free Exclusive Card! Goals unlocking as we approach 20K!
9 months ago – Fri, May 04, 2018 at 12:30:55 PM

Dear Team Naughty and Team Nice, and you.... Dragons.

We have cool stuff to share! OMG, you rock. Over $18,000 raised for PORK BUTTER.
And 350+ backers - seriously, when laughs are had at conventions across the globe, you can say you were one of the ones that made this fun happen. And now, as we look to invite MORE friends, here's some cool things you can share with them:

You can WIN a secret card!

A MEGA EPIC (to use a little dark magic) secret character card!!! WHAT? YES. This card is unlocked as of right now for any backer who has used, or does use DragonFinger during this campaign. We'll reveal just what the card is in our final 48 hours.

*Don't use Twitter? We've got you covered. Simply copy and paste the 'tweet' to either the Kickstarter wall, or our Nights facebook group. But tweet first if you can!

Put YOUR words in OUR Mouth!

We've fingered 50 dragons so far and you know what that means! Well, first we need to wash our hands after we add MOIST, SLOPPY, PUDDIN', KINKY & PARTY cards to the game. Congrats! We'll add these to Dragonfinger this week, and we've updated the "what's in the box" image for the increased card count. 


We  have room for 4 more sets of words, and we've got ideas, but we'd love to hear what YOU want in the game. Hit the Kickstarter wall and tell us what you like.

Don't forget to practice your word combo forwards and backwards - not every word works both ways. (heh). Hardcore words aren't as good as seemingly innocent words, with innuendo.

Every week, the Sparkle*Kitty Nights dev team will pick our favorites and then jam them into Dragonfinger, so we can all play with them the following week. At the end of the campaign, the best of the best user submissions will BE IN THE GAME!

Expose Your Knight - Add an Avatar

We've heard some your requests to display the cool artwork and become Knights on the internet with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Kickstarter Avatars. We love seeing Team Naughty or Team Nice knights in the comments section! 

Badges are downloadable NOW - from this location: SparkleDropbox

Party Time! - HOST a Sparkle Kitty Nights Party! 

Now that the word Party is unlocked, it's time to throw one - or many!  Get an early prototype copy of Sparkle*Kitty Nights for a party game night.

We have limited quantities of this available, so we need to hear from you telling us why YOUR Sparkle*Kitty party would stand out and be the most wild. We're expecting pictures (the ones you can share anyway), and tweets or shout outs/streams from anyone who signs up. Who's in for this adventure? Email us at events AT breakinggames DOT com.

We have so many MORE STRETCH GOALS coming! Stay tuned and keep sharing this game with all your friends!

Peter and team Sparkle*Kitty