Sparkle*Kitty Nights

Created by Breaking Games

Sparkle*Kitty Nights is a perfectly clean game for the dirtiest minds. A social card game for 4-8 players. Play as a knight (naughty or nice) trapped in a tower, casting whatever spells you find in the tower to open the magical keyhole and free you and your team.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Dragons & Vampires & Werewolves, Oh My!
8 months ago – Tue, May 29, 2018 at 04:43:29 PM

In this update we reveal the EPIC AMAZING SECRET EXCLUSIVE card, all the concept art and we go over the sweet stretch goals to get us all pumped for the final week of this campaign!

Stay tuned at the end for a fun "Which Knight are you?" QUIZ!


The secret is OUT, anyone who uses Dragonfinger during this campaign will receive the exclusive: Horny Dragon! This brings our dragon variant gameplay to your even-numbered games, and the only rule change is that dragons won't eat each other!

Breathtaking art by Sandara!

If you don't use twitter, you can still post or share a comment about this campaign to any social media. The goal is to do anything that gets the game and hashtag #SparkleKittyNights seen online. THANK YOU!


We'd like to formally introduce the sixth artist to be added to the Sparkle*Kitty Nights illustration team, the amazingly talented - Leesha Hannigan. You might recognize her art from such games as: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Paladins

She's such a pro and was quick to jump on the concept art the minute you all busted through the last stretch goal. We're super excited to have her on board to create these fantastic fantasy factions. Speaking of...


This will be our FINAL BACKER GOAL once we crush the 800 backer mark! The hunger for even more backers calls to the Werewolf, and only a total of 1000 victims will satisfy her lust! A big final push means team Hungry will come out to play - and not just for the full moon...


It took a while to get her ready, but you can't rush perfection like this. Welcome the final Knight that will be available in the main box: DATE KNIGHT!


Party dates are being scheduled across the country at a FANTABULOUS pace! I'm sure we will unlock ALL of our knights so spread the word this weekend and let's get them out to everyone! You all are making this happen, and we can't even begin to thank you enough! Tell the world that this fun, silly and saucy card game with kickass illustrations, by badass women, is a not-to-be missed Kickstarter!


We designed a short and silly-fun quiz! Not only is this another great way to share the campaign, but it's fun and you might learn something about yourself. Take a look, and don't forget to post back with who you got!


These Vampires are Making Me Thirsty
8 months ago – Tue, May 22, 2018 at 02:29:53 PM

Happy questing knights! - we've brought more friends into the fold, and reached 700+ backers. 

Safe Words and Team Variants Uncovered!

New Dark Magic
We have delved deep in the dungeon (thanks to you all) and we've found ourselves... hungry... and thirsty. The safe words just gets more and more delicious!

A Vampire Faction!
So what else have we found in the Dungeon? A pair of fallen knights are at stake. At 800 backers, we'll make Team Thirsty a thing - Work together and hunt the vampire, dragging her out of the tower and into the light. Just don't peek or you'll succumb! 

Yummy Safe Words

We've had a lot of fun yelling safe words in the office, and have finally found our theme for this pack. Foodie things, a pineapple icon - it's about as safe as you can get (with still plenty of innuendo), and we think makes it a great pack for either Sparkle*Kitty or Sparkle*Kitty Nights. These are included in the DOUBLE*DOUBLE TIER and available for add-on. We hope you enjoy them!


We've had a couple of questions about how to add-on to your pledge, so here's a quick refresher!
1. Add up the prices for each add-on. Each one is a flat $2 in shipping. 
2. Click on "manage your pledge" - at the top right of the page. 
3. Click on the blue "change your pledge" button and increase the total by the extra add-on cost.
4. Confirm at the end of the campaign which add-ons you picked - we'll be using an easy-to-use pledge manager called backerkit.


With Memorial Day weekend coming up, and conventions for the long weekend - this is the perfect time to share the campaign, and your love for party games. Don't let anyone miss out here - there's KS exclusives, this game will likely be rarer than the base game and and it's the last chance to get some packs.

To help unlock Date Knight and Ladies Knight - we need to know what parties you're throwing over the upcoming weekend. Tag us #SparkleKittyNights - and we'll count it towards our parties goal to free these knights, which are the 13th and 14th knights in the game!! 

Team Naughty, Nice, Dragon, Vampire or.... Werewolf ?
We want to hear from you in the Kickstarter comments. Which side are you on now? Shout out your faction loud and find the others on your team!

12 Knights unlocked, more to come!
8 months ago – Mon, May 21, 2018 at 06:33:01 PM

Happy Weekend all! Coming off a very fun twitch stream, we've hit more stretch goals!

FIGHT KNIGHT punches her way into the game!


Last night on Twitch, artists Leah Artwick, Katie Hamill joined Amy Vorpahl and a cast of Sparkle*Fans, game actors/developers in a stream that was all about the women - both in game and out of game. In a special moment on the stream, Leah revealed a Sparkle*Kitty princess that has now joined the ranks of KNIGHT - Princess Punch becomes Fight Knight, our 12th playable character!


SPARKLE*STREAMIN' (pictured left to right) - Pam Clayton, Astrid Dalmady, Amy Vorpahl, Katie Hamill, Leah Artwick and Nicole Gose were Team Awesome last night - playing and streaming Sparkle*Kitty games. Team variant and Dragon play were both shown! We'll have the link to the footage on youtube soon.

Foil Cards Unlocked!

Hooray, we hit 35K in funding! and have unlocked foil stamping on our mirror mirror and on the borders of the Knight cards. We're super excited and think you will be too when you play with these unique, reflective cards in your games!

Tarot Cards Goal!

What's the next treasure to be found in Dragon's Hoard? Why it's glorious, larger tarot sized cards, which showcase the beautiful art of this game in a huge way.

Bigger is always better, and especially when we've already hit the foil goal. We'll unlock this milestone at 50K in funding for this game, in every copy of Sparkle*Kitty Nights.

We know we can get there with your help - please share with a friend (helps us hit our 700 backer goal for better safe words too!) and tell them we're going for epic upgrades still in this campaign!

Peter and the Sparkle*Kitty Team!

Ladies Night, Kickstarter LIVE and more!
8 months ago – Fri, May 18, 2018 at 06:28:30 AM

Things are heating up - all the stretch goals are coming at once, and we are ready for the second half of this wild ride! Thank you everyone for sharing this with friends!


650 backers, and we're proved this is a group effort. We've added TEAM as a wild and special word, which requires doubling to work, but then adds +1 tower cards removed! AND it's the only word in the game thus far that breaks the "max 2 cards removed per turn" rule. I guess that means with this team, you can have a threesome...


Let's keep this party going, and who knows what we'll find down there. Will it be forbidden magic? Something new to play with for sure, and a reward for anyone at the DOUBLE DOUBLE level or adding on the safe words pack. When we hit 700 backers, we will finally find out who is casting all the spells in this deepest part of the tower.


Ask the internet for pet pictures and watch out! You all rocked it with pictures of pets in people beds. This goal is crushed, and Nightie Knight is free! Artwork is still coming for this monster hunter - we'll reveal her soon!


Hopefully you've marked your calendar and are set to tune in for our Artist Twitch stream tomorrow at 7pm PSTManny and I are also going to try a Kickstarter Live stream BEFORE that, to answer questions about the campaign and check in. We'll then shut up and let the ladies take over the evening in a fun game night of Sparkle*Kitty and Sparkle*Kitty Nights, hosted by Amy Vorpahl!


Fight Knight comes out during the stream tomorrow, and then we've got our sights set on a pair of fun knights - Date Knight and Ladies Knight. Ladies Knight will be the first male character ever in the Sparkle*Kitty universe! We're equal opportunity here, so a token guy is how that works, right?

How to unlock this pair of knights? In the spirit of date nights, parties, co-op play and everything we believe in for game night fun, we're asking for any 10 PARTIES THROWN! We have a number of cafes, pubs and backers signed up already to showcase Sparkle*Kitty Nights, plus Memorial Day weekend! If everyone shares some of the joy to the internet, we'll go out on a bang with these two.

A Princess Turns Knight, Artist Q&A, Monster Knights and More
8 months ago – Wed, May 16, 2018 at 06:08:59 AM

Welcome all new knights to our quest! Over 600 backers and $32,000 in funding reached! Awesome work - tell a friend to help us unlock all the extra goodies AND to help them get this NOW, as some of these packs are only on Kickstarter!

Artist Q&A and gaming THIS Thursday, May 17th

Join us this Thursday, May 17th as the ladies of Sparkle*Kitty Nights join host Amy Vorpahl (Geek and Sundry, Nerdist) on Twitch for gaming and an artist Q&A. Help us unlock - live on the stream - a very special new knight! One princess from Sparkle*Kitty puts herself back in the tower only to bust out again (she just can't get enough!) - come watch to see who it is. Leah Artwick will reveal this knight, unlocked for all!

7pm, PST on Twitch, on Elentori's channel

NEW CARD! - School Knight Unlocked

We did it! Thanks to all the fun and sometimes very wrong fruit pictures sent in, we've broken free another knight, this time on Team Nice! School Knight, illustrated by Elentori is now in the game - in all copies of Sparkle*Kitty Nights!

NEXT CARD TO UNLOCK - Nightie Knight

As the tower walls crumble and the hour reaches midnight, we descend and come upon a striking and mysterious knight. Standing with her crossbow in the moonlight, Nightie Knight is clearly a vicious hunter, and a creature of our wildest dreams. Let's win another one for Team Naughty!

Pictures of Pets in People Beds - or People in Pet Beds?

Our world is upside down with this monster hunter knight. Dogs and cats, living together - in our beds! Any pet (lizards?), any situation - any photo will do. Post to your social network with the tag #SparkleKittyNights to give this campaign more fun visibility. And good luck getting your pets to leave your beds - Manda's cat stole her blanket to inspire a photo moment!

DragonFinger - Taco Time!

Dragonfinger is locked and loaded with some of the latest and greatest backer words (chocolate, knob, slurp and taco to name a few) AND this week we've put some fun Quantum Pack words (doctor, time) in the mix too - hilariousness ensues. Try it out!

!! Don't forget that using Dragonfinger during this campaign wins you a special character card! 

Beer, Board Games and Laughs

If you missed us on the interwebs last week, we had tons of laughs with Beer and Board Games, Unfiltered Gamer and General Failure Podcast.

It's time for CUDDLE MEAT! - and a hilarious episode of Beer and Board Games:


If you're reading this far, you're our favorite. :) Say hi on the wall, and tell us what team you're on - Team Naughty or Team Nice (or Team Dragon). Or say Team Vampire or Team Werewolf and everyone will wonder if you're trying to inspire new faction cards (wink).

Peter and the Sparkle*Kitty Team